Case Studies

Innovative Foundation Supportworks Case Studies: Trench Breakers in Watford City, ND

Monday, April 6th, 2015


This pipeline is a gathering line taking oil from a well to the collection site.  The contractor installing the line had previously been building trench breakers, or water tops, out of sand bags. They were using 72 bags per trench breaker filled offsite, the contractor was paying per bag. The sandbag crews were only able complete 2 complete, and 2 partial Trench Breakers from inside the trench in one day. There was not enough workers or time to finish the job on time. Innovative Foundation Supportworks was contacted at short notice to finish trench breakers on a 2,000 foot section of the pipeline.


Spray foam Trench Breakers offer a tremendous time savings over construction of sand bag breakers, and were also offered a cost savings to the contractor. Innovative Foundation Supportworks were able to construct the remaining 10 breakers, and cap 2 half built breakers in a couple hours while working from outside the trench. The contractor was always focused on job site safety and understood that having two men in the trench was less than ideal. The potential for an accidental collapse of part of the trench was a real concern as such an accident would be devastating to anyone down in the trench.

Project Summary

General Contractor: Targa

Sub Contractor: Chemtech

Certified Installer: Innovative Foundation Supportworks