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Innovative Foundation Supportworks Case Studies: Manhole Rehabilitation Project in city of St. Michael, MN

Thursday, September 7th, 2017 by Jen Herbrandson


A 5’ diameter x 10’ deep manhole experienced high levels of H2S corrosion on upper walls, as well as water infiltration at the neck of the manhole.  The manhole was originally built in 2001.  Previous efforts to slow down the H2S gas deterioration included creating a ventilation system using air flow and various pipes, nothing worked.  An additional challenge was the two mains that come into the manhole.  One main comes from a lift station and the other main from a collection system of local homes.  Where would this water go?



By diverting the water directly into the invert, Innovative was able to avoid the water backing up while working to stop the water infiltration.  We then coated the manhole with Zebron offering a long term solution.  The customer is very happy and they have a 10 year partner on this structure.  Steven Bot is very pleased! 

Project Summary

Installing Contractor:: Innovative Foundation Supportworks

Products Installed:: High strength chemical grout, Two part primer, high performance coating

Commercial Account Manager:: Alex Ugalde

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