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Innovative Foundation Supportworks Case Studies: Lakeview Township

Monday, April 17th, 2017 by Jen Herbrandson


Lake View Township located in Becker County Minnesota, maintains 35 miles of asphalt roads.  Many of these roads were built in the late 1970’s to early 1980’s.  Common road building practices of the time was to use organic material for fill purposes when building up the road base.  Over the years this organic material, stumps and logs, has started to decompose causing voids below the road surface leading to dips and potholes forming on the road surface. The township overlays these effected areas with asphalt only to have the dips and potholes reappear shortly after the expensive process of asphalt overlay has been completed.  The reason these potholes exist on the road surface is because the base of the road is comprised of decomposing organic material and an asphalt overlay is not treating the source of the issue. 


In May 2016 Innovative Foundation Supportworks brought Lake View Township a solution.  Innovative Foundation Supportworks has a product called PolyLevel, which is a polyurethane expanding foam used to fill voids below grade.  PolyLevel is pumped through hoses and the A and B parts are mixed at the application gun.  The foam possesses a hibernation period allowing the foam to flow into voids before the expanding reaction takes place. As the foam expands in the voids the soils become firmly compacted together while adding relativity little weight to the already compromised road base.   PolyLevel is a hydrophobic foam, so as it expands the foam will push water out and away from the affected area.  Once this reaction takes place the foam becomes a solid mass that is a total inert product.

PolyLevel Installation Process

1. Grid pattern is established encompassing the affected area

2. Core holes are drilled through the asphalt in the established grid pattern

3. Small diameter pipe is pushed through the core hole to void depth

4. PolyLevel is pumped down through the pipe and the pipe is pulled out as foam is installed

5. Core holes are filled with an asphalt patch

Lake View Township PolyLevel Results

Typically over the course of a spring-summer season the Township notices pot holes becoming larger.  The areas where PolyLevel was installed have not shown any signs of change.  Because of the void fill success on the trial areas, the Township plans to have additional affected areas treated with the PolyLevel system.  The following season they will overlay the existing road.  The PolyLevel will insure the new asphalt overlay will not show signs of potholes for years to come

Project Summary

Products Installed:: PolyLevel

Operations Manager:: Eric White

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