Meet the Team

Meet The Team of Innovative Foundation Supportworks

Below are some of the people you may come into contact with when working with us. We are very proud of our team and the great service they provide to our customers.


Keith Johnson - Founder
Ross Johnson - Founder

Foundation Supportworks Engineering Team located in Nebraska:

Donald Deardorff, PE - Senior Application Engineer
Senior Application Engineer


Eric White - General Manager
General Manager
Al Bergstrom - Commercial Production Director
Commercial Production Director
Terri Koslowski, PE - Commercial General Manager
Commercial General Manager

System Design Specialists:

Bill Jordan - Commercial Specialist
Commercial Specialist
Mitch Regal - Commercial Specialist
Commercial Specialist

Marketing Department:

Danielle Wesbur - Marketing Coordinator
Marketing Coordinator
John Kealy - Marketing Intern
Marketing Intern

Accounting Department:

Chad Fedder - Accounting Specialist
Accounting Specialist
Connie Vanderhulst - Controller