Polyurethane Coating

Commercial & Industrial Polyurethane Coating

Exclusive installer of High-Performance Coating 100% Solids Polyurethane

Common polyurethane coating applications:

  • Interior pipe lining
  • Fuel storage & containment
  • Sewer manholes & pipes
  • Wastewater structures
  • Potable water tanks
  • Concrete & steel structures

Innovative Foundation Supportworks is an exclusive installer of High-Performance Coating hybrid polyurethane non-corrosive coatings. We use High-Performance Coating coatings to protect a wide range of surfaces, including pipelines, fuel storage tanks, potable water tanks, sewer systems, and manholes from severe corrosion and abrasion.

High-Performance Coating is the original, proven 100% solids "hybrid" polyurethane coating. Projects completed more than 30 years ago using High-Performance Coating are still fully operational. With a documented half-life of 37 ½ years, no epoxy coating comes close to High-Performance Coating for longevity. High-Performance Coating coating is also able to be built to virtually any thickness in one application, while also offering superior flexibility and elongation.

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Advantages of High-Performance Coating polyurethane coatings vs epoxy:

  • Fast application & cure time: High-Performance Coating is sprayed in a single application. The coating dries in less than 15 minutes and is tack-free in less than 30 minutes. No heating, baking or after treatment is required.
  • Low permeability: High-Performance Coating is ideal for protecting sewage systems & metal surfaces from corrosion. Tests show no water penetrates the tough coating.
  • Weather resistance: High-Performance Coating has protected surfaces in deserts & marine climates with no chalking or deterioration. Coating will cure even when applied to substrates as cold as -20 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Corrosion resistance: High-Performance Coating polyurethane coating resists nearly all caustic acids, bases & corrosive salt solutions in a wide range of concentrations.
  • Flexibility: High-Performance Coating can bridge cracks in concrete more than an inch across and is designed to withstand expanding and contracting of substrates.
  • High-build durability: High-Performance Coating can be applied from 20 mils to several inches even on vertical and overhead surfaces without causing sagging or damage.
  • Meets code requirements: Certified by Truesdail Laboratories, Inc. NSF/ ANSI 61 section 5, issued 8/17/2015, Material Product: Polyurethane Protective Coatings, Contact Temperature: 23 +_ 2 C

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No matter what type of structural repair project you need help with, we offer high-quality materials and expert application. High-Performance Coating can streamline your construction process and provide a lasting, durable finish to any metal or concrete surface.

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